Ensatus Nucifera Erectus

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The term ensatus stands for a sword, or another sword like object. The term nucifera stands for nuts, quite literally. Finally, the term erectus is likely to be more familiar, and stands for upright.

I posit my media project as an inspirational, eye-opener and a supplier of meaning into life – as we take a journey together to the truth of our existence. On these pages, I have worked hard to take us towards a more sword like, ballsy, upright YOU. In order to accomplish this, I call out literally the enemedia all around us. Our goal shall be to bring you the most meaningful, and transforming stories and facts, news and research, predictions and tips to help you live a more fulfilling life.

Within this context, it is important to understand the concept of enemedia. This beast of an entity comprises of, foremost, a deep state out of a collision between the most powerful governments, and their information disseminating arms, including a number of well-publicized news sources, as well as a few lesser-known ones. As we continue our fight for a more thorough and fulfilling existence, ENE (Ensatus Nucifera Erectus, yeah baby) shall be relentless in the pursuit of truth. Not just the one found inside of a pudding, but also behind the supposed trifling reality of our existence.

My name is Abe. Im just someone who has come back from a highly individualistic form of financial freedom at the age of 31. After finding that living on the sidelines was not really living, I’m using this project to redefine what freedom actually means in this life having gained a shocking perspective living in numerous foreign countries, and over 20 cities.