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Rich Privilege: A List of Things That the Rich Do, & The Poor Cannot Even Imagine

… This post is not going to be concluded, and I will keep adding to this list as and when I am able to … peace and out …

Some things just don’t need an introduction – and this is fairly straightforward. Let’s go …


Information is the single biggest differentiator between the rich and the poor. Just to be clear, I’m only talking about the privileged rich, who can wield wealth as power. They will not shy away from making investments that improve upon their level of knowledge, even as a percentage of the overall worth. It’s the poor – plagued with the poorness mindset, that are more tightfisted with their money. They are unable to quickly figure what is more precious. The also exhibit greed in their handling of money. A subscription to the Wall Street Journal may cost $28.99 monthly, and the poor will happily pay for it a couple times every year. The rich, all of those with a rich mindset, are going to find a variety of means and ways to stay subscribed at all times, never paying more than the dollar one for two months, one way or another.

Financial Structures

The rich will always look at creating financial structures that are a notch above what they can manage, or what their needs may be. So, someone with a rich mindset, valued at let’s say $300,000, would perhaps have a couple LLCs across the country. Someone with a net worth of $500-$700,000 would have a trust thrown in there too – we have discussed their importance somewhere here. On the other hand, someone with a net worth of about two to $5 million, with a rich mindset, is likely to have their LLC owning part of their trust. Someone much larger, is going to make sure that the financial instruments are created in a state with charging order protections. And then there are those that will have several layers of protections, across several jurisdictions and levels of secrecy that may even be impossible to pierce in the age of crypto currencies.

On the other hand, a poor individual would not be averse to keeping several hundred thousand dollars in a community financial institution, where it is kind of the talk of the town. The rest of their money could probably be in a stock account, in their own name, or in the name of one of their trusted people: the aggression is missing from the scene. Their effort is half assed duty half assed acknowledgement – not something that is wielded to protect and grow wealth.

Tax Situations

I will write another article to go into detail about this particular aspect, but the rich only pay as much tax as they want to. On the other hand the poor are cheerful – no matter the liability, they are done bitching, paying and being happy all over again, typically toward the end of the filing window. So the rich are in control at all times, and know exactly what is going to happen at the end of the year, whereas the poor have decided that they need no control.

As you can tell, people are not poor in terms of their net worth. People are poor in terms of the pace and the direction in which they are headed, wealthwise. It has been said in numerous places that wealth is simply an after/side effect of success and happiness – how true!

Deep State Connections

Continuing in the same vein, the poor and those in the middle should realize that when wielded properly, the power of money can engender other powers as well. In many cases, we have seen it come out how the rich are able to secure travel documents for other countries in violation of rules that have supposedly been drafted for everybody. The lesson is that the rules are never for everybody. Let the rich reading this chuckle, but I will do well to state the obvious: the rich and mighty across the barriers of country borders are very, very well-connected. Everything that comes out in the media is carefully orchestrated so everyone can save face in bad situations, and show face in the good ones. So basically, the rich have two different realities: between one another, one that is outwardly visible, which is crafted to not surprise or spook ordinary people like you and me, and another on the more personal level, on a person-to-person basis, which then goes into all of the decision-making.

Feel free to share in the comments if you have witnessed stuff such as this, it’s your prerogative of course, but you will motivate others to do the same, and then can you imagine going through the comment section !?

Ordinary people can barely imagine getting in lines, submitting passports, or in the case of much of our Western audience, mailing in their passports and waiting on a decision. I have known politicians and businessmen discussing exactly which high level functionary to tap when trying to get a visa, and alternatively, I’ve known Westerners that invariably carry visiting cards from high-level politicians in developing countries, to get out of the corrupt system from time to time, or perpetrate some corruption themselves.


More prevalent than you would realize, no matter the rigor of the jurisdiction or governmental controls, the rich make it a point to marry over and over again. They may do so without annulling any of their previous marriages, or they may do so so it doesn’t ruffle any feathers, following the rule of the law, after filing proper separation paperwork, whatever the form it may take: divorce, a talaq etc. The idea is the same: to spread your seeds viably across multiple gene pools. This way, not all of their children are going to inherit the same disorder, not all of them are going to be averse to them at once and together, depending upon the whims of a single woman (their mother), more often than not entirely justified (take the example of the California governor), or if the individual has strong ties to more than one culture or geographical region etc. In nearly every case, it brings down the amount of power that all of the children combined together, with their mother can wield against our rich guy.


The rich try on a variety of relationships in every aspect of life. So they would serially go through doctor after doctor after prestigious doctor, all over the region and the country to ensure that they feel REALLY REALLY COMFORTABLE in the hands of such a doctor. This way they avoid the power dynamic that comes in situations that their money cannot take them through – namely – on an operating table. The way they would behave around such a doctor or another important person (say a nuclear scientist for a rich emir in the MENA region) shall be very different than how they would talk to you, as their friend, or just about everyone else. In the case of Syria’s Assad, the king ended up marrying his son to the daughter of his physician, who wasn’t even living in Syria. With her European get up, the new Queen of Syria would quickly find traction in Western news media… Ambitious doctors on their part know to be ready to service high value clients and going above and beyond – like travel at a moment’s notice. Then you have to come to terms with the perks that Suddam Hussein’s physician would enjoy, or in Libya as Gadhafi’s. You can google their houses.

Gaddafi proudly betrayed fear of his doctor


So there are no card declines, or bounced checks in the world of the rich. A number of families of credit cards exist, for example the black, that you cant apply to. Its only on the brochure as long as a Lamborghini ad is, on the tele. Its by invite only and for customers that maintain ultra high-level balances, over 25 million in some cases, and they are set up as a privilege for the bank to serve these high net worth individuals. Therefore the attitude is that of an excuse on the part of the payment processor to be allowed to process their lingerie payment.

ALL (not most) of the fee and charges that are levied on common people and common accounts are simply non existent in this horizon. So even if let’s say a credit card is issued upon the threshold of $25 million as deposits, if the relationship manager wakes up to see that an extra million is missing overnight, he would still be very grateful for the other 24. In fact, the priority is to not disturb or distract the client, and instead make the banking situation smooth as a Gillette shave.

On the other hand, if me and you overdraw a couple dollars, we can expect to be hit with that overdraft fee, after you’ve exhausted the call and argue option a couple times. That is why I wrote these extra lines – call and argue, you’d get the 35 back.


So as shallow as this article may appear to be, it is supposed to do exactly what was promised in the headline above. So we will tell you a little bit about how shopping may work. When Bill Gates proposed marriage to Melinda French, he didn’t go to the jewelry exchange of Norristown because he was too rich to go there. Instead, he spent a bit of privilege: and had Warren Buffet open one of the fanciest jewelry showrooms in the Northwest after business hours and in this case we don’t even think he had to pay anything! Not because the cashier left – as you all probably already know, they are the best of friends, and a large fraction of Buffet’s fortune has been handed over to Bill and Melinda Gates’ personal charity, that also goes by their name. Bless the man, and bless the couple!

So our intent here is not to salivate at how some people have it – and may the Gods give them more, old and new. We want to give you a mental visual as to how doors are opened and and how far along privilege goes, making it possible for those with more money and less time to also go about life’s mundane businesses without losing mind. Can you imagine being rich, even without being famous – really rich, and then trying to live in normal life and wanting to be left alone even for 24 hours; can you imagine the number of people who’d have their eyes set upon you and your liver?


So the super rich – and now I’m talking about people at least over $50 million, like just go home at night and live in their houses and just like that a person outside cant see them, a Michael Moore cant harass them? Its not like that. It may be very hard for the common man to snoop on a millionaire or a billionaire, let alone. For example, a number of properties around Bill Gates’s Seattle pad have been bought and rot by the billionaire for privacy reasons. However, all of everything including the HNWI (our rich guy) belongs to the government, if its a big and strong one that 1984 warned you about.

They consider very high net worth individuals as floating lamps, that no wave should sweep. The state machinery also keeps an eye out for them – even though the procedurals may not be common knowledge because of their importance. For example, if such an individual were to stop living in their state, and move to a neighboring state, a lot of the money is gone just like that in taxes, in expenditure, and if they take their business with them as may happen, a lot of the payroll – entire towns and cities can be founded or unfounded based upon the movement.

When they were unable to make contact with the Amazon founder’s helicopter for a few minutes, the US government machinery had scrambled all their relevant east flank Coast Guard and Navy assets in a matter of minutes to get a location. Your government should too, if by virtue of paying taxes it is your government. Of course you need to look for another government if that’s not the case. Look at what happened to Richard Branson’s island in the Caribbean!? But he was a long way from home… NO he was in another country!

In a nutshell, if you have something like six figures in your savings account, your bank manager would be personally monitoring your case, if youre worth a few million dollars, the County level entities (the tax collector, local charities etc) would have their eyes on you, if youre at like $50 – $200 million, your state government and perhaps even the governor (if you donate) would keep an eye out for you (Jim Justice called Cline a WV superstar upon his accidental death and took it upon himself to share the news), and if youre worth Stardust, the US government will do whatever they can to keep you alive for the sake of all of your employees, and all of your taxes. You will still not be special LOL.

Critical Care

The purpose of this article is not to espouse the cause of jealousy in the losers among our readers. Instead, it is to show how life is supposed to be lived, and what life is like for some of the most hard-working amongst us. While not all of them of course, and not at all times either, but when the super rich travel to the developing word, where access to facilities and emergency care may be subjective, not everything is taken for granted. We’ve heard to fully stocked blood banks in their blood group, and Ive even heard of skin grafts.

Discretion Over Location

Guys, no human being, not even a billionaire much less a trillionaire, can make money faster than money itself. You need to understand this. Therefore, the ultra rich carefully make their travel plans in order to preserve tax residencies, and to let their money grow without disturbances. A lot of you would be surprised to find that the United States perhaps is the biggest and the safest tax haven – so long as you are a nonresident alien. We will go into detail over this topic eventually, but for now, suffice it to say, if an individual spends more than six months (precisely 182 days) in a tax jurisdiction, they are then supposed to be tax resident there and liable to be taxed on their global income over there. As you can well imagine, this can cause extreme chaos, and inflict great havoc in the financial lives of the big and the complicated. (Note the use of the word and… Donald Trump’s returns are complicated, and there is reason to believe they may be short on the numbers).

So people with ultrahigh net worth are often moving places to avoid getting ensnared by this kind of legislation and bad financial outcomes. For that matter, they are known to flock together as per a number of news articles. They may all be together for the Olympics for a few weeks in China, and then they may all fly away to a fashion show somewhere in Europe and so on and so forth. For the high heeled the excuses to travel are never small.

Personal Shields

For the denizens of the richosphere, paranoia is a highly familiar thing – but you would not call it that if you really understood the peril even people not so far out there like Usain Bolt must face off; he even kept someone with him to taste his food before starting nibbling. The rich out of the older traditions and cultures tend to also indulge in these patterns of behavior.

The suspicious, and the ones who found wisdom in finding themselves trophy wives also have a slew of private detectives and other gray personnel, to satiate curiosity. To find more and more about whoever they are interacting with, most prominently, their significant others so they have peace of mind and the sense of pride that comes from being able to access exclusive or classified information.

At this rate, we can all concur that creativity has no limits and bounds, and one form of power viz wealth, can be worked around to gain an upper hand in many aspects of life. If you are familiar with, or have observed the power of money being used in creative ways, do share with us in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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