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Uma Thurman – Quentin Tarantino – and happiness?!

I haven’t had the time to read everything that Uma Thurman had to say about Quentin Tarantino – but suffice it to say that I feel very sorry for her from what I did read – also, qudos to her for being the brave self for others that have kept quiet. What image are others trying to preserve?

How does it reflect upon our state of affairs when such a wide spectrum of stars have had similar experiences to relate?

Can we then say that nearly every single personality in Hollywood, and let us talk female here first, no matter the rank nor following, would perhaps have a similar tale to tell of abuse, upsets, heart-wrenching trauma, just plain toxicity to relate?

Doesn’t that imply, given that there is nothing intrinsically super special about femininity, or the state of being a female, to conclude that the men may also have similar tales – whether they relate, come forward or not?

These are the people that we always thought were successful, these were the people that you would in an unguarded state of mind say… That I wish I was one of them… I wish my life was like that life. But now you see how that life is not so different than many of our own lives!

Then what is success? Where does happiness come from, and where contentment comes from? Ene just got input there are two perfectly happy and content men just found – one lives in Tibet, very near the Nepal border. The other guy grazes his sheep in the Yukon.

Be careful with what THE ENEMEDIA has had you believe all along…”all that glisters is not Gold… often have you heard that told”

Ene, here, is your friend. Ene would tell you that happiness comes from doing something that you are genuinely passionate about… Something that generates the Csikszentmihalyi flow inside of you … That is it. Keep doing that – while also continuously reevaluating, delving deeper and deeper within your heart to find what really makes you tick… So you do everything that you do on your own terms.

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  • Dwa
    February 3, 2018 at 11:41 pm

    what are your suggestiosn for dealing with abuse whena person seems to be doing what they are genuinely driven to doing … ?

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