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These jobs and industries are under THREAT imminently.
One of the most recurring themes in our stuff at Ene.Media happens to be that concerned with skilling ourselves, as opposed to investing time and energy (as well as a lot of money in the USA) with formal education programs, for the most part, to only impress potential recruiters. Did you know that nearly half the US population uses a side hustle, or engages in some form of contractorship, in order to make money (we are talking Schedule C - I don’t think we have data on hobbies that don’t get written up). The number of full-time self contractors, or people working for themselves, have steadily been increasing, and the trend appears likely to keep rising. Again, skilling comes to mind. Imagine your own corner in the world, your place, your skill set with which you identify so deftly that people everywhere would make a beaten path to your door, or that profile on FL… Not only because you do it so well, but also because you save them time finishing it faster, and subsequently saving them money as well. Now if you were in any of these increasing list of occupations underneath, you stand warned that factors other than economic are at play, and you are at risk of losing your job imminently. Dont wait for the mainstream media to start talking …


I don’t bank on robots completing surgeries, especially complex ones, on their own anytime soon, not because they can’t, but because we would still want for someone like us to be taking that on… But there are a number of healthcare aspects that are going to be automated really soon. For example, the supercomputer Watson from IBM has a far more reliable track record of diagnosing lung cancer using MRI scans than real trained and educated people. Then, there is the robot at a west coast university (comment for me to tell you what one =) ) which has started dispensing medication using coded information. A number of of small robots are taking on a number of small term, low-risk functions that used to need people up until now. One only has to go through the FDA pipeline, and wait for your own little function found to have been automated.

Customer service

A number of us here at Ene.Media have actually fantasized about just such a thing where you don’t have to deal with another human being when buying a service, you could pay the business, and automatically be provided with acceptable customer service, if even via real robots. Why do I take a chance at rudeness? Even if we are talking the middle of the night at a grumpy motel … or Kroger’s at Christmas. But it is actually coming… Again, the Watson supercomputer is a step in that direction.

Factory stuff

You don’t have to be allowed inside one of those Amazon supercenters. In fact, higher level work requiring dependencies is now being programmed on the robots so human beings can’t get away with not using their minds and doing just enough to make just enough and keep going… A lot is ready to give.

Of course, financial people

At Ene.Media, it is our belief that crypto currency is no longer what it has always been so far: one new project for geeks to positively differentiate themselves. It is starting to look like it is a first step toward a place where the governments are rightfully subjugated as if realizing the true stature of the ordinary, upright Howard Roark of Ayn Rand… Just the quintessential power and essence of even something so small as an unrealized human being. Crypto currenciess are finally going to put governments in their places of service, helping individuals realize their potential, rather than create countries, false pride, violence, rules, and what not… It’s very easy to imagine how bankers, and other middleman that used to be in a position of advantage given citizens not being able to take care of their stuff themselves, stand to be jeopardized significantly when people stop talking to them, because them and the money issued by their supposedly independent central bank, fed reserve, wink wink, the government… whatever … is all junk.

Traditional Journalism

And come to look at it, just about everything that can be crowd sourced would be. Everyone is all of a sudden becoming more and more powerful with the advent of technology, and they’re able to do a lot more than they used to be able to, and faster. Citizen journalists indeed capture most of the best videos on the Internet because news is not staged, (not what we call news on Ene.Media anyways). If the Internet wiped out traditional forms of media fifteen years ago, trust the oncoming race of automation to wipe out professional journalism. Analysis and editorials are different. We are still not sure about how well automated algorithms and systems can write full-fledged, creative articles. In fact at this time, we don’t think creativity can be engendered using automated systems at Ene.Media.

Legal stuff

Any given legal situation can be broken down into a number of yes and no questions one after the other. So long as we have a system in place to verify facts, it’s not so difficult to visualize how such an automated system can resolve most of the legal issues and situations. There is no point in even starting to talk about drafting Willis, trademarks and clerical stuff like that, which for the majority of the population does not require specialized intervention.The medical app ADA on the App Store comes to mind.


Applications exist today that allow an end-user to design and develop a structure be it for living, for business etc. sitting in the comfort of their homes and offices, using an eclectic combination of possibilities available originally to them. In fact, once the smallest unit within such a software has been designed to code, laying down, for example the thickness of beams and columns … then such a unit can be seen as a building block for potentially a much larger structure.

“Teachers”, as well

I’ve been homeschooling my children, while on the other hand, I’ve been to all manner of schools, colleges and universities owing to the peasant like mindset of my guardians. In the process, I’ve met some exceedingly hideous characters put in place by a system that just was so dependent on human direction and intervention to somehow effing light our minds. That was so much BS. It still is stuck to me. In fact, I probably have trauma from my interactions with some of these human teachers. With the number of apps, the amount of technology etc. available to us today, so long as you’re not going to get cancer from it all (remember how the US Congress was told to in the 90s that cigarettes were not all that harmful nor addictive… smart phones come to mind)… Then we will do just fine without human teachers. Besides, imagine if some of the best human teachers, as few as they are but they do exist, could get together and create an app or a system that could iterate human learning, all over the world year after year, until even better individuals come together to upgrade that system. Imagine if we all could have like the best and the most awesome teachers year after year … best that ever existed, across the spectrum of generations and all over the world… that’ll lessen the blow from being in one of these industries above.

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