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9 changes that ARE lurking … NO MORE.
In this section, we wanted to bring you up-to-date with what to expect in terms of changes that should matter to you. Either a number of these have been taken for granted, or their real implications have not been stated bluntly as they needed to have been. In the very least, we are not going to be found in the business of selling what would be redundant to you very shortly, or where you likely would be losing money if you invested/stayed invested. So arise, awake and stop not.

to do with engines

A big-ticket gasoline engine vehicle… A number of European manufacturers are stopping with technological iterations in their gasoline engines, and the resale value of such a vehicle in 10 to 15 years is likely to be about a couple thousand dollars less than what you would expect today, after adjusting for inflation and such. In fact, it could be a lot less, and it would be a lot more obvious at that time as well. I would look for like a 10% discount in the ticket price for a brand-new vehicle to adjust for that depreciation.

storage etc

SSD’s, particularly if you are a tech freak like me. Service providers like Deego are now offering nearly a 100 GB of cloud space free of cost, forever, and that kind of puts in perspective what a 128 GB SSD should cost – using that link will help me gain 3 GB if you signed up using it and I <3 all the space I can get in the Swedish jurisdiction. For now, expect to pay about a dollar for every three GB, or a dollar for two GB for some of the premium names in SSDs. This is going to go down, fast. So get only what's needed. Oh and Deego is better for backups, as opposed to file sharing - at least for now.

Computing power

I use a 15″ newer MacBook Pro which I acquired on the secondhand market. Guys, 5G technology is on the precipice of mass adaptation. The implications are huge… if data would be being transferred at speeds greater than BUS carriers within our circuitry, we take lesser time for processing and carrying over to your hard drive from the cloud somewhere, particularly, if a lot more processing can be done quickly, than the back-and-forth between your own silly, tiny processor and your drive. I only just recently upgraded from a 2012 MacBook. I believe my next upgrade would be, at least not one as powerful as the one I have on because most of my real computing would be done in the cloud somewhere for far cheaper where they can have a lot of hardware, a lot of cooling, for far cheaper. Kaby Lake is the only real update anyways this year… So find yourself a computer which will carry you for the next couple years tops, because there is a very good chance the subsequent upgrade would be cheaper and far more powerful.

dont wait

Upgrade your skills quickly – the world is changing really, really fast, upon the back of superhigh 4G density now in some of the developing parts of the world, where people are quick to take up some of the traditionally available information skill related jobs, such as simple coding in PHP. On ENE (Ensatus Nucifera Erectus), we have always clamored for skills and familiarity, over and above any manner of education. In fact, the system of merit based upon credentials makes us throw up – the founder of this website has actually run away from two of his degree programs. Anyways, do whatever you can, take your skill set in the direction of whatever is evolving that you may come to learn quickly, for example, anything to help with the Internet of things, or artificial intelligence, or robotics. We are shortly going to do an article on some of the most familiar jobs that are quick to be outdated… So watch out for that and may I suggest you subscribe to us at this time to ensure you don’t miss any of our posts!

toss that license

Get ready to pay a lot less for being driven around because the share of the driver has traditionally been the lion’s in what an average uber may cost you. Once that autonomous driving becomes a reality, it appears you’ll be paying pennies on the dollar, unless taxes are increased in a commensurate fashion,. Get ready for the retail price surge downtown because parking won’t be required for the most part, and the absolute redundancy of traditional GPS systems because more than how to get somewhere, it would be about where autonomous cars may be allowed, would private and sub-developments allow you to pass through given the system in your rides and their own agreements etc, if you’re willing to pay Target 15 minutes on your way to the beach, greatly subsidizing your route etc.


Get ready for the vegetarian and the organic food. One way or another, I just can’t see cruelty persisting as more and more information goes around. The pig would be the new dog, and thankfully so. I haven’t even gotten started on what red meat may do to you, and how quickly lab made meats, as well as artificial milk may make its way to the shelves. So if you want, start small, and “brace for impact”. Meat is likely to cost more, and as the clout of the meat and dairy industry fades, you’ll be seeing more research over what that actually does to you and the number of years in your life.


Video sensors are here – video as a sensor is being touted as fundamentally the next most important development as it evolves. The eye in the gadget would take precious loads off of our own, and the possibilities are endless – analyzing traffic patterns to tell Google over where to route your autonomous vehicle, the state of reality in difficult to monitor systems, etc. Can you even imagine how precious downtown Detroit is going to be as soon as technology such as this is able to monitor and connect oversight. Not a pipedream – for the first time 2017 saw Chicago reducing its murder count dramatically, and it had a lot to do with the visual policing technology and what that makes possible in the world of today.


Mixed reality – mixed reality is going to be all about super immersive experiences, driven by virtuality, augmentation as well as that component of reality we may be most concerned about. This right here I believe would obsolete smart phones shortly as the implications are nearly incomprehensible at this time.

Artificial intelligence…

Quit thinking about this in terms of the Terminator. This is when you realize how artificial intelligence would basically be like a robot suit, but virtually all for the mind. Where such a robot suit would change your appearance into looking like a robot… a Hulk Hogan image from the 90s comes to mind if you were into wrestling then … Sorry!… Artificial intelligence would kind of make your mind work like a fancy chip in a complementary facilitating fashion.

Ladies and gentlemen, there never has been a better time to be alive. We, in the middle class, probably have it better than Henry VIII in 1550 or so. Don’t let your governments spoil it for you because every time people like you and me take a creative leap, they are there with their book of regulations. To the throne… and please do subscribe as a show of your support for my endeavors, if even a bit of this information is helpful to you so I feel good about continuing to do this. And make ends meet. ENE.MEDIA

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