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8 of the biggest things the ENEMEDIA has kept hidden from you?
Enemedia is everywhere around us. By definition, it is there to condition us toward a set of notions, feelings, patterns of thinking. Also by definition, the enemedia is anything that takes us away from the truth of our existence, which instead should go into determining our ulterior purpose in life, and make some sense of this experience we feel like we are having with each other - life - most magical, unconventional, divine, indescriptible - yet earthly, disgustingly cultural, divided, so fucking human, and where entropy just keeps on increasing.

In this article, I have tried to explain in non-philosophical words, the true definition of the enemedia, instead using some of the most common impacts that it has, in particular, with what the enemedia has kept hidden. And I’m sure, that there are plenty of other impacts as well, affecting particular populations in peculiar ways, for example how Americans may believe they live the most prosperous lives, or how nearly everyone of us believes at least at some point of time that there is no afterlife. If it is doing that to you, I need to know – put it in the comments section below.


Its impact in how strongly you may believe in who you think you may be, or paraphrased, how strongly you may associate with whatever group you so reasonably think you belong in – Christian, since you found yourself in a house of worship, Indian because you have the heritage, Cuban because you were born over there. My point is that that in all this nomenclature your identity has been hijacked. A number of entrenched interests have worked together, forever, sometimes without even realizing the profound impact and the extent of damage they have continued to do to our fabric, in suppressing our deeply spiritual, powerful, associated nature, and helping club us within the group that we may be born within, or how we may look given the place of our birth or the country of our origin. Just because looking at our real identity – our spirit soul – is so highly inconvenient, and expensive, no one bothers. I believe these divisions are responsible for human race having made all the more progress that we’ve to show so far, much of it in only the past couple hundred years or so (we’ve been looking like this abt. 300,000 years now).

the absolute vs the worldly truth

In how you may feel like youre kind of belonging to an ancient inertia – that left you with these limbs, this symmetric expression in your face, this extreme desire for everything sex and color, this forgetfulness of something deeper, for sure bigger and ancient … could you imagine how different and how much more profound evolution would have been if we did not lose sight of the absolute truth – we would have realized our worldly expressions alongside that direction. On the other hand, our evolution so far has been highly worldly, to touch and feel matter, to forever smell stuff, to trick and manipulate materials … pushing the enemedia aside is the first step toward the deepest, most honest truth. And this is – NOT really the Fox News.

a mission forgotten

Galactic implications of dying with a mission are far superior than rotting slowly and being a slave of the enemedia, in turn controlled by the rich or the mighty, or the rich and mighty… or even out of control. That your life has a purpose … And it certainly is not NOT to roost in a nursing home … Such a purpose should consume every bit of what matters out of your existence by the time you’re done with this life. Who has the time to look for a nursing home (? )? The enemedia purposely withdraws that purpose from life so you give in to instant gratification. Keep rubbing yourself so you’ll never really make goal derived higher babies. It also boosts sales, but thats auxiliary – they want your soul.

skills no bs education

That skills you need to quickly master to achieve those purposes are far, far more important than anything else, including trivial things like education. That used to be so Victorian, and hardly important for us today, in our world of split second information availability. All we need now is a pro forma in our brains to look it up and use. Kind of like coding in Python if you already know C++!

power of yours

That YOU actually have much more power than you realize at this time. Just to give you an idea, guys, see our video on the powers that just the elite enjoy – ? – with their own skin banks. If you used about a percent more over the 10 at which you have that brain running – ? limping more like, you’d not just get a $ extra for every ? … you’re more likely to trump the entire town population you never moved out of. A couple more and you’re on your way to a major scientific breakthrough. The enemedia would just rather you look at the mummers and stay home for the afternoon. Imagine also, if we didn’t have restriction of movement, unimaginable in this day and age. That’ll be like putting a rocket in your sails. You’ll get that girl on OKC in Timbuktoo w/o all that extra paperwork. Imagine if the world militaries that take so much of our tax dollars were all of a sudden not needed. Imagine i there was GPS in 1960s, because it could have been. Imagine if life extensions were merely contingent on scientific advance and not upon that bureaucrat’s whim.


That it should not all be about effing ?- THOUGH, it’s a formidable tool when working in this world… but not that great. Good for pocket, not for the heart ❤️ ? ? ? ?

this is old gold

That we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

extent of knowledge or limitless ignorance

That we know very little indeed – and despite our five senses, we are very nearly blind in the greater concept of things … our eyes can merely process a very small spectrum of all that is possible with electromagnetic waves. There actually could be, a pseudo-gaseous being, sitting right here in front of you watching you jerk off, and you would be in all practical manner blind when it came to perceiving them, even if you keep your eyes open.


That your life will end very shortly in the grand, grand scheme of things … with the way things are, and with the way enemedia would have it, and maybe even those few years, all you will do is silly.

Remember, enemedia or their minion, and therefore them, is everyone around you that dilutes any of these messages … but Ene here shall be your friend … Make sure to check back with this friend on your own, every so often, because when you try to scream, you are stifled as a disruptor. ENE.MEDIA shall like to keep you company, because we believe in identifying and strengthening the connection that we all have among each other … using quirky insinuations. So, please do subscribe so we don’t lose each other … and please do click the like/share button to keep the message going. It will be unlike any of your other sources. ENE.MEDIA

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